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Research and Education center «Physics of Nanocomposite Materials».

General manager: Filimonov A. V.

Research Supervisor: Vakhrushev S. B.

Research and Education center (REC)“Physics of Nanocomposite Materials” (NCM) - is a structural subdivision of St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University, created in 2005 on the bases of research and education laboratory “Physics of nanocomposite materials of electronics” is a joint project of physical electronics department of Radio Physical Faculty SpbStu and Ioffe Physic-Technical Institute of Russian academy of Science and Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute of Russian academy of Science. Major objective of REC is the investigation and development of new nanocomposite materials for electronic industry and specialist training capable of creating such materials and technologies single-handedly. Among the objective of laboratory was holding graduate students in sciences and research sector. REC is a joint project of largest scientific and educational centers of region, which gives an opportunity for new coming students, Phd students and young members to participate in “Tomorrow’s objectives”.

Major scientific directions of REC NCM are creation and investigation of:

  • self-organized nanostructured materials for electronics. Primary samples are perovskite like compounds with low valance substitution, where systems of chemically ordered polar states forms. In such systems due to polar formation it is possible to accomplish effective electromechanical transformation of energy of the order high then homogeneous materials. In our laboratory complex investigation of such structures are done with the use of AFm microscopy and neutron and synchrotron scattering techniques.
  • Artificial nanocomposite structure on the bases of dielectric matrixes. In this case the technique of large volume nanostrucutred material creation with controlled spatial characteristics is used. Extra emphasis is on ferroelectric and magnetic nanocomposite materials. Conducted research of such materials allowed to approach a number of application tasks. This was how super paramagnetic limit was met , which could lead to creation of new generation magnetic memory. Analysis of order-disorder ferroelectrics behavior in limited geometry conditions allowed to create highly effective nanocomposote material for small size capacitors. This is confirmed by patent РФ RU 75784 от 20.08.2008.

All accomplishments of REC are the result of co-operation between students, Phs students and leading Russian scientists. Large attention is payed to internation co-operation in which at all times young scientists participate. Students and Phd students of REC took part in many experiments in leading research centers of Germany, France and Japan, they have done a number of reports at largest international conferences.

Based on experimental bases REC has the opportunity to use:

  • Methods of impedance spectroscopy (conductivity, dielectric response) in frequency range 10-6 Hz – 107 Hz in interval of temperature 3.5 К – 700 К, including the interval 3.5 К – 300 К in magnetic fields up to 9 T.
  • Methods of probe microscopy in the temperature interval 3.5 К – 300 К in magnetic fields up to 9,5 T.
  • Methods of inelastic neutron scattering to investigate atomic dynamics.
  • Methods of neutron diffraction to investigate crystallographic and magnetic structure.

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